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Links to Occupy Your Time

Lawn games: Take advantage of your pest free organic lawn!. Fun games for the entire family.
Vacation Specials: With all the money you have saved using RID System to control pests, you can afford it!
Green Living: Tips and ideas for green living for moms (and dads).
Grilling Recipes: Nothing better than having friends and neighbors enjoying some good food in a pest free setting.
Outdoor Party Ideas: The organic lawn looks great and you want to show it off, here are some fun ideas.
Music: If you don't have the music, you aren't getting the full effect from your outdoor party.
Cruises: We love cruises. Better go for 2 weeks, remember you have RID System taking care of your lawn!
Cocktails: For those who enjoy a little moderation. Have a cool one and watch the neighbor push that spreader.
RV'ing: More time and money for you means more time spent with your family! RV'ing is a great way to travel.
Green Products: Automated pest control? Check. Beautiful lawn? Check. If only I had an automatic mower....
Home Made Ice Cream: My kids love it and yours will too. A great outdoor activity.

If you are interested in reciprocating links, please send an email with your link, a brief description and where we can find our link on your site to: admin@RidSystem.com. Our description should read as follows:                     

Title: R.I.D. System                                                                                                                                                URL: http://www.RidSystem.com                                                                                                                Description: Pest and lawn control through your existing sprinkler system. Patented one of a kind technology for under $300.00. Environmentally safe EPA exempt pest control and natural fertilizer product sales. www.RidSystem.com